Welcome To Alex’s Grill and Ice Cream

Alex’s Grill and Ice Cream is your local hangout that features the best griddle-cooked food and creamy ice cream in town. Whether you’re jonesing for some juicy beef or need to cool off after a long, hot day, we’ve got exactly what you need to quell your cravings. Come on in, sit down, take a load off, and get ready to enjoy every mouthful.

Read on for more about our grilling skills, the history of ice cream, our unique menu, what makes our locations special, and more.


Rent A Dumpster & How To Grill The Perfect Burger

To grill the perfect burger, you have to start with good ingredients. We recommend using a blend of ground sirloin and ground chuck that you’ve mixed yourself, as freshly as possible. Avoid mixing or working the meat any more than is absolutely necessary, because if you over-work the meat, you’ll turn the beef chewy and rubbery.

Then, to make sure your burger gets cooked perfectly, make sure your griddle is heated up nice and hot. We’re talking really, really hot. You’re going to want a little smoke when the meat hits the metal (turn on your fan as high as it will go or be prepared to turn off your smoke alarm). Gently work your meat into a patty and then place it on the griddle.

DO NOT PRESS DOWN ON THE MEAT. That will squeeze out all the juices, and you don’t want to be left with a dry burger.

Let the meat cook until it starts to develop a nice, crispy crust on the outside. Then flip it. You want to avoid flipping your burger more than once, so make sure to let it sit as long as possible on the first side before you flip it. Now believe us when we say we dropped them more than a few times. Luckily we had a great company coming to the rescue and renting us dumpsters. They also just so happened to be one of the top Dumpster rental | Buffalo Service companies around.

After you’ve flipped the burger, let it sit for the same amount of time so that it develops a nice, crispy crust. That crust is the hallmark of a griddle-cooked burger, and it is an excellent contrast to the soft, juicy center.

Take your burger off the griddle once it is cooked to your liking, then dress it up however you prefer and enjoy!


History of Ice Cream

Did you know ice cream has been around for over two thousand years? Around 200 BC, the ancient Chinese invented a food that was the predecessor to ice cream. It involved mixing milk and rice, and then packing it down into snow until it hardened. Some 800-900 years later, the Chinese refined the recipe by using a mixture of buffalo milk, flour, and camphor. Roman emperors also apparently ate flavored snow as a delicacy.

Historians aren’t sure, but they think Marco Polo is the one who introduced ice cream to Europe. It’s suspected that he saw ice cream being made while he was in China and that he then brought it back to Italy when he returned home. If that’s true, Italian gelato may be the closest modern descendant of the ancient Chinese ice cream!

By the 1600s, English royalty had gotten in on the game, too. There are rumors that King Charles I paid his chef 500 pounds each year to maintain the secrecy of his delicious ice cream recipe.

That ice cream sundae you love? It’s from a town in Iowa where, during the late 19th century, it became illegal to sell ice cream sodas on Sundays. Some ice cream vendors simply scooped the ice cream anyway, added syrup instead of soda, and gave it a new name.

One of our best sponsors got introduced to us by eating our ice cream and absolutely loved it. This trash removal company could not get enough vanilla ice cream. You can locate them here: https://g.page/junk-removal-buffalo?share

Nowadays, you can get ice cream in just about every form and flavor imaginable. There are sherbets, sorbets, gelatos, and versions made with non-dairy milk like coconut or almond milk. There are ice creams with vitamins added, protein swirls, coffee and caramel and chocolate and chunks of nuts. If it’s a flavor you like, you can guarantee somebody has made it.


Our Menu and our moving partners

Our menu is influenced by traditional American dinner flare but made only with premium ingredients that are then cooked to perfection. It’s the food you’ve always loved, but the quality will blow you away. You’ll never look at dinner the same way again.

From the griddle, you can get an assortment of burgers and hot sandwiches, including the classic grilled cheese, tuna melt, pastrami, Reuben, and patty melt. We’ve even got a grilled veggie sandwich for our guests who are limiting their meat intake for any reason.

Our ice cream selection is legendary. We start with a recipe for the world’s creamiest double-churned ice cream and add only fresh, local ingredients. That means our flavors change seasonally, from lots of berries and stone fruit in the summer to cinnamon and eggnog in the winter (yes, we even make pumpkin in the fall, and it is delicious).

Come on in to check out a fresh, local, delicious menu that’s sure to make your mouth water and satisfy your hungry stomach. We’re looking forward to seeing you. When we first moved in here we worked with a local movers, and we gave them so much ice create we couldn’t believe they ate it all.



We have several different locations around town, all of which are designed to be comfortable places where you can hang out and chat with friends and neighbors. We have plush booths, upholstered bar stools, several TVs tuned to different channels and a relaxed atmosphere. Even during our busiest hours, we never forget that our whole purpose for being here is to give you a place to enjoy yourself.

That’s why we keep our hours as open-ended as possible. Eventually, we reach the point in any evening when the city says we have to shut down, but until then, we’ll stay open as long as you’re here and having a good time. Our space is your space.

Because of our relaxed, open, welcoming vibe, we have just one important ground rule: treat others well. If you behave yourself and are decent to everybody else in the restaurant, you’re welcome to come as often as you’d like and stay as long as you want. If you don’t behave yourself and don’t treat others well, you’ll be asked to leave and not come back. That’s just how we roll.