We have several different locations around town, all of which are designed to be comfortable places where you can hang out and chat with friends and neighbors. We have plush booths, upholstered bar stools, several TVs tuned to different channels and a relaxed atmosphere. Even during our busiest hours, we never forget that our whole purpose for being here is to give you a place to enjoy yourself.

That’s why we keep our hours as open-ended as possible. Eventually, we reach the point in any evening when the city says we have to shut down, but until then, we’ll stay open as long as you’re here and having a good time. Our space is your space.

Because of our relaxed, open, welcoming vibe, we have just one important ground rule: treat others well. If you behave yourself and are decent to everybody else in the restaurant, you’re welcome to come as often as you’d like and stay as long as you want. If you don’t behave yourself and don’t treat others well, you’ll be asked to leave and not come back. That’s just how we roll.