Our Menu and our moving partners

Our menu is influenced by traditional American dinner flare but made only with premium ingredients that are then cooked to perfection. It’s the food you’ve always loved, but the quality will blow you away. You’ll never look at dinner the same way again.

From the griddle, you can get an assortment of burgers and hot sandwiches, including the classic grilled cheese, tuna melt, pastrami, Reuben, and patty melt. We’ve even got a grilled veggie sandwich for our guests who are limiting their meat intake for any reason.

Our ice cream selection is legendary. We start with a recipe for the world’s creamiest double-churned ice cream and add only fresh, local ingredients. That means our flavors change seasonally, from lots of berries and stone fruit in the summer to cinnamon and eggnog in the winter (yes, we even make pumpkin in the fall, and it is delicious).

Come on in to check out a fresh, local, delicious menu that’s sure to make your mouth water and satisfy your hungry stomach. We’re looking forward to seeing you. When we first moved in here we worked with a local movers, and we gave them so much ice create we couldn’t believe they ate it all.